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Jul 13

Europe & John Norum music videos

This is a list of music videos by either Europe or John Norum:

Apr 03

two babies having a conversation! amazing!

Mar 06

Dos emulator – Old games

A few links for emulating a dos environment and old games dosbox Home of the undedogs (database for old games) Abandonia Buy old games

Mar 06

Kite Building links – Χαρταετοί

Youtube links for building a kite: tie sticks together make a tail for the kite make a kite – science online make a traditional kite Different Kite Styles Ελληνικοί Χαρταετοί: σωστά ζύγια κατασκευή χαρταετού φτιάξτε μόνοι σας τον χαρταετό σας οδηγός από infokids ο ίδιος οδηγός αλλού αγορά χαρταετού online

Feb 17

Holy Paladin Guide posted in the wow-eu forums

Hello all. There is a new holy paladin pve guide posted in the forum section. You will also find a post in that thread by yours truly, which gives a few hints about healing addons and their functions for the healadins. My post is on the third page. So go check it out at: …

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Jan 31

Lady Mythryll found!

Lady mythryll finally found! take a look:

Nov 16

Guild recreated from the ashes! Cataclysm is coming!

Our World of Warcraft guild on Anachronos Realm has passed in the Netherworld for a while as former Guild Master, Gashmonster, accidentaly deleted the guild in his effort to leave the guild (/guild abandon command). After a first small period of shock, came a period of disappointment and regret of leaving the guild in the …

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Nov 16

Create a guild site with Joomla

Original post by Galadhnir is here: I have reposted to save the guide from deletion in 15 days. * Creating a guildwebsite with Joomla 16/10/2009 04:06:01 PDT quote reply Making a guildwebsite with Joomla 1. Introduction 2. Requirements 3. Joomla installation and configuration 4. Usefull Addons and Plugins 5. 3th party tools 6. Make …

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Mar 01

Raiding mother in world of warcraft

Take a look at link below, it’s a raiding mother’s view of the ever lasting issue: casual vs harcore in the World of Warcraft. A list of the slash commands available to use in wow chat

Feb 05


These are a few tips I have found in youtube about special tasks in World of Warcraft.

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