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Create a guild site with Joomla

Original post by Galadhnir is here:
I have reposted to save the guide from deletion in 15 days.

* Creating a guildwebsite with Joomla 16/10/2009 04:06:01 PDT

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Making a guildwebsite with Joomla

1. Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Joomla installation and configuration
4. Usefull Addons and Plugins
5. 3th party tools
6. Make it pretty

1. Introduction

As a web designer myself and a regular WoW-player, I thought it would be useful to add a guide for all the Guild masters who want to publish a site for their guildies with Joomla.

I will admit that installation, configuration and maintaining a guildwebsite in Joomla is not the easiest way. There are a lots of free and easier tools to use and create but Joomla gives you the opportunity to create your website how YOU would like it.

Why use Joomla?
– Joomla is a very strong CMS system that enables you to customize your guild site completely
– No Ads
– Loads of plug-ins, add-ons and usable templates
– Not being dependable on other services then your own ISP
– Joomla is free
– You can give all your guildmembers certain permissions to contribute to your website

Why not using Joomla
– Too difficult if you have limited experience with IT
– Because you want to spend your time playing WoW instead of managing a website
– Because you cannot pay for hosting a company (although prices are very low these days)

2. Requirements

Hosting company

First of all, you need an web host company to be able to host your site for you. And in most of the cases, you have to pay for it. No panic! There are plenty of host companies who are totally not expensive! is one of them, but I’m sure you can find tons of other companies who have similar prices. As for an example, I pay 55 Euro every year for my hosting.

Important: be sure to have PHP and MySQL enabled to your server, Joomla cannot run without it. Details about server requirements are here:

Domain name

No website without a domain name. Most of the cases your hosting company can take care of this, and you have to pay separately for it. My domain costs me 10 Euro every year. Be creative with the domain too: is a nice idea but be sure someone did not have the same idea earlier: is a nice tool to see if your domain is already taken or not.

3. Installation

No need to be invent the hot water, it already exists:

Download Joomla here:
Download guidance:

You can find a nice installation guide for Joomla here:

4. Usefull Addons and Plugins

Your guildsite is ofcourse not complete with some addons and plugins:


Easy and free Joomla forum, installed in 5 min.

Easy and popular forum

More forums on:


Ajax Shoutbox
Instant messaging between guildies on the web

More shoutboxes for joomla:

News related addons and plugins:

Video players and galleries

Warcraft related addons and plugins:


Guild recruitment

Links to items in warcraft
This addon allows to simply hyperlink the item name to the Wowhead website page of the item and when you hover your mouse over the link; the item data will appear as a mouse over tip.

5. 3th party (non joomla addons)

These addons are not related to Joomla, but you can easily integrate them in your website:


I can warmly recommend EQDKP Plus, since it provides the most online tools for your guild needs.

5. Make it pretty

Your guildsite would look stupid without a nice WoW touch. Most of the templates are free, for some you have to pay:,com_gallery/Itemid,6.html

Type in Google “Joomla Templates Warcraft” and take some time to browse the web, you will surely find something nice!

Joomla takes some effort and time to comprehend but once you master it it’s fun.

I’m aware there are tons of other solutions for your website, but this is just one of them. Good luck with the webdesign and don’t forget to have fun in Azeroth too!!!

(Suggestions are welcome!)

Jeff Healy Tribute

I am ashamed to say i only found out today about his passing a little more than a year ago. He was one of my favorite guitar players. A very talented person who overcame his dissability and reached greatness. My sympathies go out to his family (wife and 2 children) and friends.
Here is a small tribute, 2 of his performances
See the light, I quote “It was on a Sunday around 1989 aboot 1:30am on a show that used to come on after Saturday Night Live called Night Music ” (from the relevant Youtube webpage)

When a blind man cries.. with Ian Gillan

Confidence Man, song by John Hiatt, sao paolo brazil.

Finally Roadhouse:

Rest in peace Jeff…