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Mar 06

Dos emulator – Old games

A few links for emulating a dos environment and old games dosbox Home of the undedogs (database for old games) Abandonia Buy old games

Feb 17

Holy Paladin Guide posted in the wow-eu forums

Hello all. There is a new holy paladin pve guide posted in the forum section. You will also find a post in that thread by yours truly, which gives a few hints about healing addons and their functions for the healadins. My post is on the third page. So go check it out at: …

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Jan 31

Lady Mythryll found!

Lady mythryll finally found! take a look:

Nov 16

Guild recreated from the ashes! Cataclysm is coming!

Our World of Warcraft guild on Anachronos Realm has passed in the Netherworld for a while as former Guild Master, Gashmonster, accidentaly deleted the guild in his effort to leave the guild (/guild abandon command). After a first small period of shock, came a period of disappointment and regret of leaving the guild in the …

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Nov 16

Create a guild site with Joomla

Original post by Galadhnir is here: I have reposted to save the guide from deletion in 15 days. * Creating a guildwebsite with Joomla 16/10/2009 04:06:01 PDT quote reply Making a guildwebsite with Joomla 1. Introduction 2. Requirements 3. Joomla installation and configuration 4. Usefull Addons and Plugins 5. 3th party tools 6. Make …

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Mar 01

Raiding mother in world of warcraft

Take a look at link below, it’s a raiding mother’s view of the ever lasting issue: casual vs harcore in the World of Warcraft. A list of the slash commands available to use in wow chat

Feb 05


These are a few tips I have found in youtube about special tasks in World of Warcraft.

Jan 21

Old guild in trouble

My old guild is in trouble. Not too many users left, we ll try and figure out how many are left and then try to liven things up a little. Sure hope we make it. Meeting on Thursday night, 22:10 server time.

Nov 19

Again guild forum inactive..

What can I say.. it seems people just don’t bother.. I might be ready to give it all up. Too bad for the new people in the guild and for the guild’s name. The Knights of the frontier name comes from the famous soldiers of Byzantine, Akrites, entrusted with keeping safe the borders of the …

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Nov 10

main char left Knights of the frontier, alts still there

I have left the knights since i was feeling frozen, and had lost the sense of fun. My lvl 80 pally will continue elsewhere. I will stay on with my alts, helping out junior players and managing the knights forum at My main reason for leaving is I want to relax again in the …

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