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Apr 10


Dec 01

Copy & Paste with vim

These are the sources: Since you already know how to cut/yank text, here are a few ideas for pasting it back into another file: Edit the first file, yanking the text you want. Then open your second file from within vi (:e /path/to/other/file) and paste it Open both files together in a …

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Dec 01

vim search and replace commands

If you want to match something at the end of the line you need to use the $ character at the end of the string pattern. The following are taken from :  Let’s start by looking at searches and doing search and replace operations within Vim. You can do a search in normal mode …

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Sep 14

vmware news, software programmable networking  

Feb 13

nagios sms

I am trying to find a way to send sms messages whenever an alert is generated in a nagios monitoring system. The links below contain material that can lead to a solution. Implementation links: SMS Gateways links for Greece: The first one seems promising as it can provide …

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Aug 24

How to remove motherboard from Toshiba Satelite laptop

This link shows how to open and remove the motherboard from a toshiba satelite laptop (A105).

May 04

SSH Tutorial for Linux This is a comprehensive tutorial for SSH. I found that link over here: The second one contains some mistakes since it is an old post. Have fun with SSH!

Mar 23

Nagios: Access to windows event logs This a nagios event log agent for windows. Also a few links to other nagios tools. To be checked for compatibility with nagios 3.x. The same guy has writen a book for using mrtg with rrd and routers2. Him and Toebi Oetiker provide links to eachother websites. Also a few more links: …

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Mar 16

Give a local user access to domain resources

I have found some links about the issue but I believe the solution is in this one: Here are the rest:  

Mar 03

Nagios Links Nagios Home Page Παλιά εγκατάσταση NRPE για Debian (Ubuntu) : Να ελεγθεί για αλλαγές Nagios Plugins Nagios Addons Nsclient addon homepage Using nsclient with check_nt guide for monitoring windows servers (nagios doc) Another guide for nsclient Δείτε αυτό πριν την εγκατάσταση check_http & bigippool for monitoring websites : Σημείο εκκίνησης για ελέγχους http Object …

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