This page is dedicated the World of Warcraft MMORG. This is a game i ve been playing for a little more than a year now. I think it’s great because it is very well staged,  it provides a lot of depth but at a same time remains simple enough to be played by teenagers. It’s a game that has been around for 4 years and after two expansion packs the interest of its users remains high.
The community around the game is very active allowing everyone to play without ever getting lost along the way. Finally the game has an embedded addon system that allows for custom tools to be created in the lua language in order to enrich the game experience.

I have a number of characters in the game but I mostly play on the Anachronos realm and my main character is a palladin named… Mythryll.

I am a member of a guild called Knights of the Frontier, named after the keepers of the frontier of the old Byzantine Empire (Akrites – Ακρίτες). The members came from different countries, like Holland, England, Scotland, Iceland, Sweeden, Romania, and Greece (thats me actually).

There are several sites u need to know about when you play the World of Warcraft. I m gonna put a list of them here soon.

  • curse, wowinterface – these are sites that provide addons and articles about the game
  • wowhead, wowwiki – you can find a lot of info there such as quests reference, macros, etc.
  • the armory , which is a part of the official blizzard WoW site. You can find description of items but also real character profiles with their gear and everything.

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