vmware upgrade from esxi 3.5 to esxi 4 (vsphere)

Here are some links about the upgrade process if u dont have the infrastructure license, and why the process fails:
help request thread
Upgrade guide
another guide in technodrome
one last guide

get full control of your vmware server
faqs for vmware esxi converter
upgrade vmware server machine to vmware esxi without vmware converter

convert ide disk to scsi

Two links on the setup and upgrade for esxi: setup and configuration.
Also a link on activating tech support on esxi, go here. The new process under esxi 4.1 is here.

The biggest issue in going from older version to 4.1 is that you can not do it with vihostupdate utility. You need to use the vsphere cli instead. A nice article explaining how to do that is here. You will also need to read the upgrade guide provided by vmware as well, but be carefull as it contains an error in the example. The link above corrects the problem by providing a correct cli line for the update. Take a look for yourself.

I am providing the text below in case the post disappears:

This guide is written with ESXi 4.1 update 1 in mind, however it will work with any update version from 3.5 onwards.

First off you will require vSphere CLI, this is a free download available to everyone with a valid VMware login.  If you don’t have one you can easily register for a new one. Download from the VMware website

Download the update package from the VMware website

Power off all VM’s or vMotion them to another host and place the host in maintenance mode.  (Right click on the host and select Enter Maintenance Mode)

The upgrade package contains two update bulletin parts.  The esxupdate bulletin and the upgrade bulletin.  These both need to be installed by running these commands on the computer with the vSphere CLI installed on it.

Ensure these commands are run from this directory C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin>

vihostupdate.pl –server Hostname or IP address -i -b patch location and zip file name -B ESXi410-GA-esxupdate

when prompted enter the root username and password

vihostupdate.pl –server Hostname or IP address -i -b patch location and zip file name ESXi410-GA

If following the vSphere upgrade guide you may notice that this last command fails with this error message

No matching bulletin or VIB was found in the metadata.No Bulletin or VIB found with ID ‘ESXi410-GA’.

This is because it has an extra -B in it.  If you run the command listed above it will work.

Finally type the following to confirm successful installation.

vihostupdate.pl –server hostname or IP address –query

Reboot the host to complete the installation. Don’t forget to take it out of maintenance mode!!

Jeff Healy Tribute

I am ashamed to say i only found out today about his passing a little more than a year ago. He was one of my favorite guitar players. A very talented person who overcame his dissability and reached greatness. My sympathies go out to his family (wife and 2 children) and friends.
Here is a small tribute, 2 of his performances
See the light, I quote “It was on a Sunday around 1989 aboot 1:30am on a show that used to come on after Saturday Night Live called Night Music ” (from the relevant Youtube webpage)

When a blind man cries.. with Ian Gillan

Confidence Man, song by John Hiatt, sao paolo brazil.

Finally Roadhouse:

Rest in peace Jeff…

Cisco Networkers 2009, Barcelona

26th Jan 2009: I am visiting the Cisco Networkers 2009 convention as an employee of the Bank of Greece.
So far it seems very interesting. I have already met with people that are in charge of the products I am using as well as other experts from similar organizations using those products. We exchanged info and views. I have also come in contact with concepts I have never heard before like VRFs. It has to do with virtual networking on the Lan level.
But I think they must be trying to cut down on expenses this year. Not even a descent bag as a welcome pack. Also not free phone calls for attendants, only prepaid 5 minutes. We ll see how it goes.
Tomorrow its the John Chambers presentation. If I were a priest the equivalent would have to be something like meeting God.

27th Jan 2009: The John Chambers key note event (John Chambers is the president – CEO of Cisco) was not bad, he talked about the effects of the economics crisis in IT and how the IT companies should act on it and even use it to their advantage. But I feel that there is a significant fear that investments will freeze and that this would put even Cisco on a hard spot. However he did present his case well, throwing a lot of data our way on how this last crisis is similar on numbers to two other cases in the recent past and how Cisco used those periods to gain a lot in market share and revenue. And definitely not like meeting God 🙂 In fact I cant believe God would be an American..

The afternoon key note event was a treat: Brian Kox from the University of Manchester, participant at CERN, presented to us the different CERN experiments focusing on the ATLAS (the one that tries to recreate the big bang) as well as the world of particle physics. Very very interesting and gifted speaker who obviously has a great passion for his work. One can only envy such a thing.

The break out sessions were amazing, I didn’t even know those things were possible or available to me! So were some of the contacts I made with some of the World of Solutions people. Basically this is a lot of companies using Cisco equipment or protocols to provide solutions to customers. It was great insight into the immediate future of networking and network services as well as the present and future of network management which has become my area of expertise.

When looking at the text of the presentations as well as the people in the conference, btw we must be about 20000 people here, I got the sad impression that we are an isolated and misunderstood race. No one can or even cares to understand what we do or can do. In essence we are like insane people, psychopaths. What is even stranger is how we strive to become even more insane! I believe our isolation has a lot to do with the fact that our work is invisible. I know that most people think I am a computer hardware expert. That is something they can touch and see. But nothing could be farther from the truth. I am just an educated computer user with a lot of bad experiences concerning hardware and a constant desire to collect more bad experiences. I am a network architect and a network management specialist. No one can really understand what I do. This conference makes evident to me that I m not isolated enough to be great at what I do. There are a lot of things I am missing. But then how can that be considered a life? To have no real life outside the office or the profession? Isn’t that a waste of our time on earth? I don’t know yet.

One last note. The long hours are really killing my brain.. The whole event and presentations are too compressed. Too much info.. Still two days to go and not much time to do anything else..

Barcelona – January 2009

I am currently visiting Barcelona, for the Cisco Networkers 2009 convention.
The city is very nice, wide and vivid streets, people everywhere, the old town is magnificent, but its also gloomy and dirty some times (there is a city wide smell not easy to identify and it can really spoil your mood sometimes). The little bars and restaurants in the old town give me the impression that it’s best if you visit the this town with someone you love or are at least intimate. It can be very romantic. It’s not as interesting for two colleagues seeking a place to have quiet beer after work for instance. Too many churches and museums. Those can be expensive to visit. You need to make a budget if you want to visit them. This is a picture of the Segrada Familla, a temple conceived by the famous architect Gaudi.

This is the Segrada Familla Temple, conceived by Gaudi.
This is the Segrada Familla Temple, conceived by Gaudi.

The spaniards (or I should say the catalans) seem to be thinking a lot about food. You can find tapas bars everywhere. But its more about eating then drinking. There is also a strict timetable for restaurants. You cant eat anytime. You have to be there from 13:30 to 16:00 and then from 20:30 to 23:30.

Prices are ok. You can find high and normal, compared to Greek restaurants, at least with those in Athens.
There are small markets where you can find some things you need. They are called ‘super merkats’ meaning super markets. Its a good idea to buy your water there. Water is rare and expensive. The city water is not drinkable.

If you want to look around the  city be prepared for long walks, the metro subway network is not as dense as you might expect in some areas. Not like Paris or London. But its close. There are several ways to go about the city. You can also use the tourist bus, which goes around the city sights, and you can hop on and off as you like. There are also bikes to rent. The metro is also a solution but have a map in hand with the station locations.

Our hotel is Pere IV which is near Bogatel station, line 4 of the metro. Its modern on the outside, retro in the inside. I m not that satisfied. I have a small internal room, and its always very hot. its almost sickening. But its clean and a little stylish. The beds are ok for a good night sleep (which i probably wont be getting). The neighbourhood is not very good, but its quiet. It is also near the city center.

I dont think i like spannish food. They do take their food seriously but they mix stuff a little too much for me. I also dont think i ll get a chance to see the zoo or the aquarium. I really need to find some time to look for small presents for my family.. I have to say also that I hate this terrible icy wind..