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Sep 14

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Sep 01

Free alternative for backing up VMs

Take a look at this:

Jan 16

install vmware tools on ubuntu server

I took the article below from If you work much with virtual machines, you know how important installing VMware Tools can be. Even without the graphical interface of Linux (called X11), there are a number of important features that installing VMware Tools offers you and you really shouldn’t skip it. I’ve struggled with installing …

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Jul 22

vmware upgrade from esxi 3.5 to esxi 4 (vsphere)

Here are some links about the upgrade process if u dont have the infrastructure license, and why the process fails: help request thread Upgrade guide another guide in technodrome one last guide get full control of your vmware server migrating faqs for vmware esxi converter upgrade vmware server machine to vmware esxi without vmware converter …

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