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May 17


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May 15

antiparos – naxos

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May 09

Kithira Destinations and Notes

Portari Houses description and website, anemes , anemoi, semeli, Φωτό συγκεντρωτικές για διάφορες κατοικίες, λίστα από greekhotels, Ferries Νεάπολη – Κύθηρα : 11 ευρώ το άτομο (>5 ετών) και 46,5 το αυτοκίνητο, Ferries Κύθηρα – Κίσσαμο: Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη

Mar 28

Ορεινή Κορινθία vs Πήλιο

Τα παρακάτω είναι σύνδεσμοι προς ορινή κορινθία και πήλιο:

Mar 11

Links for travel search engines

Here are a few links for travel search engines that I have recently learned about, some are for Greece only (those in the second list). Greece only:

Jan 27

Barcelona – January 2009

I am currently visiting Barcelona, for the Cisco Networkers 2009 convention. The city is very nice, wide and vivid streets, people everywhere, the old town is magnificent, but its also gloomy and dirty some times (there is a city wide smell not easy to identify and it can really spoil your mood sometimes). The little …

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