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Just what this means to u

Jul 13

Europe & John Norum music videos

This is a list of music videos by either Europe or John Norum:

Nov 19

Like a hurricane – Tribute to Jeff Healey

Nov 19

Smoke on the water, all star, recorded in Armenia

Excellent video of a recoding made in Armenia, an incredible number of rock starts participating.. Take a good look, Brian May, Richie Blackmoore, Alex Lifeson, Roger Taylor, Bryan Adams, and the list goes on..

Jun 25

Jeff Healy Tribute

I am ashamed to say i only found out today about his passing a little more than a year ago. He was one of my favorite guitar players. A very talented person who overcame his dissability and reached greatness. My sympathies go out to his family (wife and 2 children) and friends. Here is a …

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Jun 25

Voodoo Child – Different Videos

This is the original live and this is by Stevie Ray Vaughan Enjoy!!

Jun 22

Steve Vai performing with the Holland Metropole Orchestra

Watch this also, note how this guy’s fingers fly across the guitar frets:

Jun 22

Satch man playing a new cool way live

I was listening this on MP3 converted from a CD i own, so I thought I should share. By the way, I play the guitar and enjoy this guy’s playing a great deal. Watch this on Youtube