This is my blog. I have decided to put one up after i witnessed how simple it is and how functional. It’s a great way to say what you want quickly without worrying much about the technicalities of the website. Its more about the content than the technology, and even if i come from a technological background, i can always appreciate that the essence of communication is not in the means but in the message itself.

I am a 39 year-old greek, married, father of two. I have studied Mechanical Engineering but continued my studies in Network and System Engineering. So I work as a Network Engineer and Administrator.

My professional interests are in networking, web technologies and i specialize in network management software and technologies.

My personal interests are music (i play the guitar, badly), basketball, gaming and RPGs and Strategy games in particular.

My latest game is World of Warcraft which i have been playing for over a year. I’m a Palladin. You can find me in the Anachronos realm.

Enough about me, check out the pages and comment people!